Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Excitement plus! Katie's getting a garden! :-P

LOL! Sorta anyway.
Anyone who knows me well is aware of my constant lamitations over my lack of a garden and how badly I want one, I bore people over it.
D's dad, Digs (for short :-P) has a very large block of land south of Adelaide, 10 acres is total :-) Mostly bare (it's had sheep on it) and a few gums tress etc. Pretty degraded, lots of field weeds and on the side of a hill. He hasn't been living on it as he has a house in Adelaide which he's been renovating (not finished) but he plans to move down to the Southern place in the next few weeks and then full steam ahead finishing the renos of the Adelaide house.
Anyway, we were picking olives for D's aunt on Sunday and got to talking and Digs has said (without prompting from me) that I can have a veggie garden out at his place.

Now Digs is not one to do things by halves. He's thinking HUGE, like way bigger than I had in mind (he's talking about using his little backhoe :o whoah slow down man!) and is going to provide the means (ie the $$$) to do this thing properly, from scratch as an experimental family garden type thing :-) I have charge of the planning of it :-)

D's dad is not into gardening but does like to try his hand at new things that involve building (and interminable researching). He does tend to take his sweet time in doing things (hence why the current renovations have taken him so bloody long) but I hope he realises that with this chickadee behind the wheel there's no fart-arsing around with this ;-)

Sooo, that's my way exciting news, for me anyway ;-). I'm thinking raised beds, good irrigation, all organic of course and will keep you all posted on the progress. First thing we have to do is chose a suitable site :-)
YAYAYAYAY! I'm getting a garden lol