Monday, January 14, 2013

Front fence revamp.

Those lamb's ears? They're doing nothing for me, so out they come, starting today. They're going to be replaced with an all-native flower border (so I'm calling it).

There are a number of little native plants right up again our fence already, including:

Brachyscome multifida var. diliata
B. 'Break O Day'
B. 'Pacific Sun'
Dampiera rosmanifolia
D. dysantha
Laurentia 'blue stars' (annual)
Chrysocephalum apiculatum prostrate form
Ajuga australis
Helichrysum scorpiodes
Wahlenbergia stricta
Billarderia cymosa (climber) and
Clematis microphylla (climber)

Today I'm planting a couple more Brachyscomes, Dampiera diversifolia, Halgania cyanea, Wahlenbergia communis and Helichrysum rutidolepis.

I will add a few more updated photos at the end (as well as a spelling and grammar check, which I can't do on my phone!)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy New Year, love Moorpark

My baby has borne its first fruit! My Moorpark Apricot was the first tree I planted in this house, in autumn of 2010. We have been waiting for nearly three years for fruit, and she did not disappoint us! We have been eating apricots since Christmas and have just picked the rest after the birds found them (I am feeling a bit too broke after the orgy of Christmas spending to invest in a good bird net). I never weighed or counted the fruit properly but we are drying about 40 apricots in the sun; I have another 80 or so (about 3kg) for jam; we have eaten uncountable numbers straight off the tree, and so have the birds. Pretty impressive!

Speaking of babies, our second child will be landing earth-side around the end of June :)