Saturday, June 27, 2015

June glories.

There is something very special about winter in Adelaide. The garden is quiet and damp, and completely lovely in a scruffy kind of way. 

'Sophy's Rose' is my June stalwart. 

'Cramoisi superieur' putting on a surprise show. 

Hidden hollyhocks under the apricot tree. 

Terrible photo of Chocolate Cosmos and Pelargonium reniforme. 

Pelargonium sidoides, love love love this one. 

Salvia leucantha under the apricot. 

Alyssum 'Snow White'

Acacia iteaphylla goes nuts at this time of year (red-flowering Japanese quince behind)

Mini gerberas and blue lobelia in a pot. 

Dwarf calendula, my favourite buff yellow. 

Fairy pelargonium (forget species) with a saltbush I totally forget the name of (Maireana erioclada?)

Pineapple sage, birds love this one (lemon behind). 

Rosa 'Crepuscule' under our bedroom window. Can hardly wait until it's bigger!

Volunteer nasturtium (one of lots, no wonder it's a weed in these parts). 

Lastly, the new garden corner, most plants in except for the roses which should arrive soon. 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Sorrel vs Chickens

Those chickens: fiends for anything green! 

This was June the first... Little sods!

But the French Sorrel is returning, ready to feed the chickens again the next time they get loose. 

Pity I can't quite say the same for some of the other plants that got eaten/dug up/trodden on. 

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Nodding Violet

Must be doing something right if this little beauty is blooming! Nodding Violet (Streptocarpus caulescens) from a nursery clearance table, pot from the Salvos. 

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Next up, mulch.

Two bales of peastraw mulch, and a makeshift curved bench made out of spare recycled red brick (not fixed in place in any way, which is good because I want to tweek it ever so slightly to the left, I expect I'll do that within the next five years or so). 

And a box of some of my green recruits.  

I gave up planting after the first four or so plants after my toddler was getting a bit too helpful. Will get back to it later this week, right after I drop of that application to do a degree in visual art (yep, really!).