Monday, November 9, 2009


Suppose I should write some sort of updatey thingum. I was feeling all inspired a few hours ago, but now... gone; brain off into the ether.
One family member is off in search of snacks, the other busy flinging themselves into my internal organs.
We are in Kanzawa, something-or-other prefecture, central Honshu. It's pretty cool actually, the train station is spectacular. I'm no architecture-nut, but I like a building which looks like it's been made of Giant's Mechano.
Our hotel is called 'Dormy Inn'. I was a bit 'hmmm' about the hourly 'refreshment' room rates, but actually it's fine and no sign of dodgy goings on at all. Also, they have a 'natural hotspring spa' (presumably they pipe the water in from elsewhere, as it's on the 14th floor), which I would like to get up the nerve to go in if I can stop feeling like I look like a hippo compared to Japanese women. You do the spa thing in the nude you see. And, apart from being a normal Western size, I also have quite a tummy (which is fine) and boobs which have taken on a life of their own (which is not fine).
Our room is much nicer than our apartment which is just a little depressing. Still, won't be in it a whole lot over the next 6 weeks as we'll be off travelling for half that time... or at least that's what we'd like to be doing. At this point, we're not entirely sure we can afford it.
We've spent the day wandering Kenroku-En, one of Japan's 'top three' gardens. Actually it was really lovely. I had mentally prepared myself to be disappointed, as the gardens I have seen so far have mostly been a bit 'woteva'. This one was full of trees in full Autumn flight. Lots and lots of running water. A few cute little teahouses, and not so many people that we got annoyed. Not like the other day in Nara when after one too many Little Old Ladies elbowed us out of the way, I deliberately charged into one in return (she deserved it, pushy old bat).
So, that'll do (Pig, that'll do.) for now, going to attempt to hire a car tomorrow and drive about the Noto-Pensinusla and look at fishing villages.
Cheers, Big Ears.