The Renovation

Our little 1955 asbestos cottage is getting a revamp.

In a nutshell we are:
Removing the asbestos and recladding.
Bringing mains gas from the street to the house.
Adding a large open-plan family/dining/kitchen area on the back as well as a new laundry.
Enlarging the master bedroom by knocking out the wall between it and the old bathroom.
Turning the bedroom in the centre of the house into a walk-through library/TV room.
Turning the old kitchen into the new bathroom.

As you read through my blog you will come to realise that I am something of a Greenie. I believe that change should start at home - literally. A major part of our renovation involves making our little house as energy efficient as possible. We will be insulating the walls and ceilings, putting solar panels on the roof, and getting new windows. We are putting in a big water tank and plumbing it into the house. Wherever we can we will be using recycled materials.

So, follow along as we go!

JANUARY 2011 - Satellite photos of our house and yard

FEBRUARY 6th 2011 - The renovation begins on a small scale
FEBRUARY 13th 2011 - Demolition of the back patio

MARCH 1st 2011 - Beginning to demolish the interior
MARCH 2nd 2011 - Removing the old insulation
MARCH 19th 2011 - Removing the back porch
MARCH 24th 2011 - New water tank

APRIL 21st 2011 - The concrete stripwork for the extension goes in

MAY 16th 2011 - Satellite photos showing renovation progress

JUNE 9th 2011 - A new use for the old concrete patio
JUNE 30th 2011 -Reusing old wood

JULY 6th 2011 -Something for the floor to go on
JULY 13th 2011 - First new wall
JULY 30th 2011 - The roof begins

AUGUST 9th 2011 - The roofing iron goes on
AUGUST 16th 2011 - Pine tree removal
AUGUST 25th 2011 - Windows and wiring