Sunday, February 13, 2011

More demolition

The boys dug a big hole yesterday under my washing line. They started by jackhammering away at a section of the green concrete in neat lines, cracking it and pulling it away to expose the old rubble underneath. 

You always find all sorts of old things in old backyards and old fill, and there's always glass bottles miraculously intact!

Sometimes I think men just like destruction. Is that how things go? Women create, and men destroy.

Here are the menfolk doing their thing, crow bar in hand and shovel at ready. I'm sure they had a brilliant time, even if their arms felt it today. This may be one of the last shots of the back of the house as it is now. I will have to relocate some of those plants off to the left, an ancient rosemary, some tomatoes not finished, a daisy too good to lose, some aloes that I don't have a plan for yet. 

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