Saturday, February 19, 2011

Our Masterpiece.

Lots of pictures, masses of them, in fact (over 30, you have been warned). Our baby's first cake was a triumph of Artist meets Chef. I don't want to be too smug, but we were pretty impressed with ourselves by the time it was finished. I made the cake (Strawberry flavoured, if you're not from the US you'll need to un-Americanise the recipe), D and I iced it together, taking turns with the fiddly bits and bickering over who got to do the black parts.

The inspiration was a doll given to SP by a friend when she was about 5 months old.

And strawberries, because our girl loves strawberries.

I had a play with some fondant.

And was very satisfied with my black icing.

SP supervised from the recycling basket.

I have never smoothed a cake batter down so thoroughly.

I cut out the pattern.

Enter Chef.

Steady Hands.

Supervisor-SP needed a better look.

Crumb layer.

Tracing the pattern.

Starting the tricky bit.

I recommend having a practise go with the piping bag before you begin.

Especially with the finer work.

Then you may start.

Gorgeous, lurid red.
Taking shape.

At 1:30am this morning...

Not bad!

D-Day. Or is that B-Day? Adding some finishing touches.

With her inspiration.

The fatal cuts.

Half gone already.

Dishing Up.

Taste test! Hmmm. It's not bad.

Love you, my most gorgeous birthday girl xx


Jaime [SWHHW] said...

What a masterpiece! I would've been so sad to cut it after all that work.

Happy birthday little Emi.

Erinna said...

Wow! Thats awesome! Im very impressed by how accurate it is to the original! Well done :)

ESB said...

Brilliant! I love it, well done!

Anita said...

Happy Birthday Emi; what a gorgeous birthday cake you had!