Monday, February 28, 2011

Last day of Summer.

Today is the last day of Summer and the days have already cooled. To celebrate its passing I went for a wander around the front yard to see how everything was going.
A few weeks ago I posted that I had bought some Coastal Tussock Grasses to plant along my front fence line. They were planted at each fence post and are doing well and showing no sign of stress at all.

In between each of the grasses I planted a couple of Common Thyme out of a punnet. Over time, I'm hoping they will grow and spread to fill the space along the front of the fence and cover up the unsightly dolomite.

Overall I think it should have a nice architectural kind of look. Both the grass and the thyme were chosen because they are very hardy and should required minimal care.  (Apologies for the quality of the photo - or lack thereof - very bright and glarey conditions out there today.)

I found a nice surprise out by the front gate too, poking through the fence from the shared access way on the other side: Cream coloured Belladonna Lillies (Amarylillis sp.), although I grew up calling them Easter Lillies because that is when they appear in our area. Most of the ones around here are pink, so these seem just that bit more special being different. 

And out the back? Gigantic zucchinis! Oh, I know, I know, everybody manages to grow huge zucchinis and then goes on to take a few photos and after this they try to eat them and find them virtually inedible, but it really is amazing how fast they went from big to enormous, and I think they must weigh almost as much as my tiny girl and the photo opportunity was too good to pass over. I've had to remove almost all the zucchini and squash leaves now as they predictably got Downy Mildew on them (and boy, that appears as quickly as the zucchinis grow), but I've left the stems and remaining small fruits - the plants look like thorny snakes now - and I will see if we can grow just a few more before they're finished for good. 

So, as you know, we have moved to my MIL's house while we do a fairly major renovation of our house. The next post will show you what's been done so far, but for the time being I'll leave you with a sneak peak of MIL's most beautiful and inspirational garden, together with my most beautiful and inspirational SP.

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