Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Letter for SP

My Most Gorgeous Emi, 
Tomorrow, at 3:05pm, you will be one. I can't believe it; where has the year gone? The first six months were such a blur of feedingsleepingchangingfeedingbathingsleeping. The next six months slowed down a little and we have had more time to really appreciate the sunny little personality, our Goodwill Ambassador, that you have become. 
At 12 months you are cruising freely about the furniture and walls. You can be a little hyperactive at times; you rarely sit still. You have discovered animals recently, and greet them with screams of excitement. You are a happy little ball of energy, our Energizer Bunny. We call you Munchie, or Munchen, or Munch. We also call you Crazy-Emi, Destructo, Cyclone Emi, and Danger Mouse.
You're quite little compared to most babies your age: light as a feather, a wisp of grass. You eat everything we try, but not usually a lot of it, like a little bird. You only have two bottom teeth, but this doesn't slow you down. The only food you have trouble with is leafy things, which make you gag every time! You love toast, ham, and cheese, and would eat your body weight in mango and papaya if allowed. 
Your favourite toys right now are Tompee the Elephant and Oggie the Dog. You rush up to them with a squeal and hug them tightly to your chest whenever you see them. If you're tired, you lay your head down on them, using them like a pillow. 
When I pretend to eat your hands you think I'm hilarious. 
When you were tiny, you would make a high pitched squeak while you were sleeping which sounded exactly like one of Auntie Susan's monkeys, Peter. You're very chatty now. Sometimes you sound like a parrot! You say 'Nom Nom' when you want some food, and 'Ta Da!' when prompted, flinging your hands in the air. 
I think you are a performer, like your Auntie Annie. I'm sure you do some things just to make us laugh; you're so funny!
We just adore you. You are our Adora-Bubble, our Gorgeous Babe. I can't imagine life without you, my Covered-in-Kisses, Little-Gorgeous, our Lady of 1000 Names.
Love you to the End of the Earth and back again, 
From Me. xxx

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