Friday, February 4, 2011

Mid-Summer Happy Snapping

Some pretties for the day; lots of flowers out there in the heat.

Amish Paste tomato flowers are almost abstract.

Lebanese eggplants in lavender and mauve.

I've even seen a few little spotted predatory helpers, although they are very hard to photograph in situ.

The pea straw mulch sprouted, and I let the pretty little nitrogen-fixers be to do their vital works.

The corn is flowering too. I am a little bit concerned: I have only seen one female miniature cob in the whole patch! Should there be more by now, if the male flowers are all waving in the air above? Am I getting only one cob out of nearly 40 plants?

And lastly, the roses well into their second flush, golden-lit by the western sun (shame about the stobie pole, but unavoidable.)

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