Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Oh dear, what's she up to?

A certain Small Person is nearly one! 

And naturally her mama's thoughts turn to cake (and her papa's, let's be fair). We have decided what shape the cake will be, and I've been making coloured butter cream in advance and trying out a couple of different cake recipes (never try something new for the first time at crunch time). 

Coloured icing is a whole new ball game for me, and needs some additional tools.

I'm glad I've started experimenting a little in advance; the 'black' icing is still a dull grey and may need rethinking. And my red icing is a very pretty pink and not at all the pillar-box red I had in mind. Apparently these colours develop upon sitting. Let's hope so!

So, as it stands, on Wednesday at 11pm, I am beginning to wonder if we've been a little ambitious. Let's hope that Saturday's cake is not such a disaster that I'm too embarrassed to show you!

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