D and I are fairly well-seasoned travellers of the backpacker variety. We have been to various parts of South East Asia half a dozen times or so over the last nine years and lived in Japan for a few short months, coming home because SP was on her way. When SP was eight months old we indoctrinated her into our roaming life and made her first trip overseas. There are always plans in the wind for the 'next trip,' although we are starting to look further afield than our neighbours to the north.
Why do we keep going to South East Asia? Well, there are many reasons. Mostly we go there because we love it and feel at home. We love the food, the weather, the colours. Asia is close to Australia, it is easy to get to and to travel around, and it is cheap. We are also lucky enough to have family living in Northern Thailand so most trips away feature some time spent in the remote and rural north there. 
My travel writing begun with frequent emails to family and friends back home, and then became a travel blog as well. Our overseas travelling history is as follows:

October 2002- June 2003 (eight months): Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Thailand.
November 2005-January 2006 (10 weeks): Malaysian Borneo, Brunei, Peninsula Malaysia, Bangkok, Burma
January 2007 (six weeks) : Thailand, Laos, Cambodia
2008: Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore
August 2009 (20 weeks): Japan
October 2010 (three weeks): Malaysia and Thailand
August 2011 (proposed): Singapore and Thailand

[Dreaming now...
2015 (six months): travel around the Mediterranean
2020: South America]