Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Demolition Derby

Our renovation has begun properly now. What a difference a few days can make!
FIL has started with the inside of the house. He's a very tidy renovator, my FIL, leaving everything sorted into neat piles in the shed and on the concrete patio.

 He started with the bathroom, gutting it completely and removing the wall between it and our bedroom. This new enlarged space, which faces west over the valley with a view of the treetops, will be the new master bedroom. 

View from bedroom through to old bathroom
 The exposed floorboards are original 1950's (oak? maybe?) and unfinished.

Bedroom floor
 We're going to polish them in the hallway and future TV/Library room and I'm trying to convince D that we should polish them in the bedrooms as well because they are too lovely not to. Carpet is boring.

View down hallway to old bathroom

And I love the mistake in the manhole cover! Do you see it? This place is revealing itself to me, layer by layer.

Even the bathroom ceiling has gone. The sunlight shines orange through the terracotta tiles.

Then onto the kitchen which is to be the bathroom.
Now you see it.

Now you don't.

So there you go! Next up: removal of the old ceiling insulation.

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