Friday, March 18, 2011

Sweet Peas for Saint Pat.

It is a tradition to plant sweet peas on Saint Patrick's day, in the hours between dusk and dawn of the night prior. I thought this was a Southern Hemisphere thing, but some quick Internet research reveals that this is actually a Northern Hemisphere tradition we seem to have borrowed for ourselves so I have learnt something today.

I didn't plant my peas in the hours of darkness, but I did plant them as the sun was lowering in the sky. I bought a tall climbing variety, a shorter Bijou bush variety, and a packet of seeds for fun too. I planted my peas where they would climb up the bare fruit trees and roses over winter, and put the seeds in random little pockets along the fence in the vegie patch and the strawberry patch.

And look, I found a little pixie in the garden while I was out there! I might have expected a leprechaun on Saint Pat's, but the pixie was firstly female, and secondly in lavender and not green, and thirdly rather taller than 12 inches high.

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