Monday, March 14, 2011

WIP #2 continued

Slightly pointless post tonight, it could have waited until tomorrow, after all! But I wanted to make a note that WIP #2, the rug I am planning to enlarge, is underway and the balls of wool are becoming neat, flat, brightly coloured rows. Except I have ummed and ahhed over it, and muttered to myself, and rearranged the original rug and placed the one completed new row alongside it, and then turned it around ninety degrees and looked at it again, and you know what? I think I like the little rug just as it is. Therefore, I'm going to leave it alone and make a whole, brand new, bigger rug. Proper cot size this time, which should be a nice lap size as well. So there you go. The evolving WIP strikes again!

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