Monday, March 14, 2011

Expo update

So, did I go to the Gardening Australia Expo? I did indeed! And did I buy anything? Oh yes, but I managed to restrain myself to a mere nine plants, all little locals (provenance). Most were only $3 each, and one I got from Trees For Life for a gold coin donation (I am very seriously considering joining them to grow plants for revegetation projects).

In my bag I have:
1 x Sticky Hop Bush (Dodonaea viscosa)
2 x Knobby Club Rush (Isolepis nodosa)
1 x Small fruited Fan Flower (Scaevola albida)
2 x Native pelagonium (Pelagonium australe)
1 x Clasping goodenia (Goodenia amplexans)
1 x Old Man's Beard (Clematis microphylla)
1 x Native lilac (Hardenbergia voliacea)

I must make a special mention of the Clasping Goodenia. It's an odd little plant. It has bright green leaves, quite rough like sandpaper, and pretty yellow flowers which fold downwards when they are open. But the most notable feature of this little plant is the very strong herbal smell, some call it 'spicy'. It's a memory smell for me, it's the Hill's bush in our oven-hot summers; it's watching an echidna trundle through the low, wind-clipped shrubbery by the beach; it's the snap, crackle and pop of eucalyptus pods opening, smoke smudging the horizon, and sun so bright you can hardly see between the trees.

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