Saturday, March 12, 2011

Goodbye, Toilet!

Yes, it's gone. The toilet has departed in a blaze of dust and rubble.

FIL removing the loo.
The 'lobby', as it's charmingly called on the original house plan (more of a 'water-heater storage space come anteroom, to be truthful, not much lobbyish about it!) is also gone, and as we left our place this afternoon the laundry and toilet room were on their shattered way as well (compare the photo below with this one back in February).

D posing. Dork!

It doesn't look so dramatic yet, does it? But have a look inside!

That photo is taken at the lounge room door, looking down our lovely wide hallway to the ex-bathroom (straight ahead), SP's old room on the immediate right, and the ex-kitchen jammed down the back. We have no more internal plaster work or ceilings, although it will be being replaced in the future; this section of our little house is not open-plan.
It feels like a different house. It's not my house of air anymore, but something more somber and grounded, skeletal, and has just a touch of old-Japanese-temple about it. Odd.

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