Saturday, March 19, 2011

The roof, the roof, the roof is in pieces.

Just a short post today.
When last I spoke of the roof it looked like this, complete with poser-husband out the front (and the toilet/laundry is still there at the right)

At our next visit it looked more like this. The boys had been removing a couple of rows of the terracotta tiles as the new extension roof will need to slot in underneath it. We may be replacing the tiles with colorbond sheeting down the track in any case. It doesn't 'need' to be done as the tiles are actually in pretty good condition, but it would make everything look finished. We're also told that putting solar panels on tiles often results in a lot of them breaking. We'll see. Notice, also, no more laundry at right and pixie off to the left.

And now like this! Half of the veranda is goneski. Now it really is starting to look like quite a different house, and the building hasn't even started yet!

By the way, for the reading gardeners, in the pots are my Kaffir lime (often called Makrut lime) and Tahitian lime tree. When the garden is more done they will be planted into it, but for the time being they are safe and well in their pots. The other pots contain potatoes, the patio watermelon, Sydney rhubarb and some remaining little carrots. I am waiting very impatiently for any one of these pots to finish so that I can transfer my kiwi fruit vines into it, as they are looking very sad in their smaller pot, I think because they are particularly thirsty plants.

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HAZEL said...

wow! That is exciting and a bit scary. I had to enlarge the photo to find the pixie. Very cute!