Wednesday, March 9, 2011

WIP #2

This one is not strictly a WIP, but more an extension on a previous project. 
You see, when I was pregnant with SP I made a knitted blanket. Actually that's not quite true. I'd already started the blanket well before being pregnant, but once she was on her way I found the impetus to actually finish it. Anyway, having not had much to do with babies before I made this lovely woolen blanket -multi coloured - which was a perfect newborn/bassinet size. 

Now I have a one year old child and we're heading into winter and I have realised it needs to be much, much bigger to fit her cot. So, long story short, I've bought a heap of wool so I can enlarge it. I got carried away, of course. I set my budget at $40 and spent $55, but all those jewel colours were too pretty to resist. 

Knitting is not my forte - I am limited to squares and rectangles - but I enjoy it nonetheless, and I am looking forward to spending these autumn evenings click, click, clicking away and making the pretty little blanket into a pretty, bigger blanket.

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