Monday, May 16, 2011

Super quick renovation update

There is a proper gardening post to come, but while I was on a certain satellite photo website, looking for a good picture to get a scale drawing of my front garden, I found a couple of photos that have been taken since our renovations began.
So this is January the 3rd 2011, before we started, backyard still intact.

Then April the 3rd, when the excavations for the extension have been dug out (also a glimmer of our new water tank by the shed.)

Finally, April the 24th, with form work, concrete strips, and even the baby bobcat wizzing around the back!

Where we're at now is the very uninspiring and non-photogenic part of renovating, which is putting in storm and rain water drains. We are very much looking forward to that part being over and starting our build proper.

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Anita said...

Very cool that that site updates their photos so often, what a great record to be able to have.