Thursday, May 19, 2011

Oh Bugger.

Today SP and I went by our house and checked out our new and dramatic earthworks.
Now you can see why the right hand side of my front yard makeover has to wait!

And look out the back: what a mess...

And then, on a whim, we drove down to Brighton Beach and played in the sand for a while, getting grains between our toes and in our hair.

We watched as the sun began to go down.

And then I dropped my little compact camera in the sand and grains got into the lens mechanism and now it won't shut and a horrible white screen with red writing comes up and says 'Lens Error.' Damn.
I will have to see if it can be fixed, but if not it seems somehow fitting that photos of sunsets were the last things my little camera took.

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Brit said...

Beautiful photo of the little one K. Your house is such a cutie pie.