Sunday, May 22, 2011

The last of the windflowers

I love Japanese windflowers. There is a large patch of white ones right outside the kitchen window. They are the most lovely flowers, swaying on long stems and somewhat serene. I have been meaning to write a post about windflowers throughout all of Autumn and yet I never got around to it, and now, in the kitchen patch, there is only one white windflower left. Given the way the wind is whipping and screaming around the hills today, sending not just twigs but entire branches flying, I don't expect the last lonely windflower to be there by the end of the day. But here it is, in perpetuity.

There are a few more pink windflowers left up in the back of the garden, but they're looking a little shabby and worse for wear at the tail end of the season.

But even though the flowers have gone, there remains dozens upon dozens of pea-sized fruiting bodies dancing in the wind.

All that, from all this. Beautiful.

I'll leave you on this stormy Sunday with some photos I've taken of these graceful anemones throughout the season.

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