Thursday, May 19, 2011

In lust with a tall, dark and mysterious stranger...

I met someone very sexy down at the native plant nursery today, and I even got to take a picture (what did we do in the days before camera phones?)

That, my friends, is 'Vintage Red.' The world's first red eucalypt, and I want him. I want him bad. It's a cultivar of the Sugar Gum, Eucalyptus cladocalyx (and grafted onto the same rootstock).The next photo is not from me, but look how beautiful the leaves are. ~SIGH~
(Photo by Lucy_W)

Unfortunately, I don't think I can have this tree. Or, I could, but it would probably be a bad idea. The key word in 'tall, dark and mysterious' is 'tall'. These trees grow between 6-20m tall. If I got lucky with a 6m adult tree I'd be laughing, but I can't guarantee buying a shortie. It's also prohibitively expensive for this stay-at-home-mum at almost $80 for the smallest treeling.

Fortunately, I've discovered that this tree has a smaller cousin: Agonis flexuosa 'After Dark,' the Willow Myrtle. Isn't he cute?!

Growing to 10m maximum (or 6m, depending on which site I read!), with a very pretty weeping habit, I think this tree might be more up my alley, and I have just the place for one, or two, or three of them right up the back of our yard. And they start at about $15. Wonderful!
(This photo by Melissa Gale)


Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

That is one beautiful tree! Just as fragrant as the usual varieties? Does it flower at all?

hearts_in_asia said...

It would have flowers, I'm guessing they'd be creamy-white like other Sugar Gums, but I can't find any pictures anywhere.