Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rambly renovation post

I thought it was about time I did a renovation update... not that there is very much to update you on. Autumn of 2011 in Adelaide was the coldest we'd had in 56 years, and one of the wettest as well. Needless to say, this impacted on how much work could be done since it's all still at an outdoor stage. Nevertheless, there has been some progress and the tank plumbing is very nearly finished! We are having the rain water plumbed into the house so in times of plenty we can use it inside as well as on the garden (the concrete is just there temporarily to stop the pipes floating away before they could be covered).

One day, this will be lawn and garden beds, and what a happy day that will be. Right now, as you walk across it, you get gradually taller as the clay builds up on your shoes.

Speaking of chunks of concrete...

I have had an idea, it's very environmentally friendly, but whether or not it will actually look good remains to be seen. I wanted to put in a path through the front garden rose bed, and I liked our old green-coloured concrete patio, and I thought I might be able to reuse some of the bigger broken pieces to make stepping stones. I especially liked this chunk, which features an engraved arrow (by FIL, for purposes known only to him).

I've been collecting up the remnants of the green slab, and laying them through the garden to see how they look. I think I like it. They're not in place properly yet, of course, I still have to finish dispensing with the gravel (FIL promises me he'll have somewhere to put it out the back very soon, to use in the retaining or something something). Then I'll set them down flush with the soil and plant some creeping, crawling, scrambling little plants around them to soften up the edges. Hmmm. Might work?

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Chookie said...

We have the same issue with clay at our place at the moment! Love your idea of recycling the pieces of concrete slab. Remember, once the garden gets going they won't be visible most of the time.