Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Winter Wednesday #5

I think we're up to Hazel's Winter Wednesday #5 anyway?

For today, some subtle Winter flowers in my front garden. They might not be hugely showy like flowers of other seasons who wave their petals and stamens and anthers like flags and shout, 'look at me!' but they are still there, peeking out from behind the leaves, a little bit shy, 'hello? I'm still here...'

There are the violets I pinched out of a nature strip last year. They have spread like crazy, and have luminous little blooms appearing everywhere;

And I don't remember planting a white one, but I must have? Did I buy it and forget, or did I manage to 'borrow' a white one by chance?

And then the natives, oh, the natives!

Lovely little correas, like stoic troopers going on and on in defiance of the wind and the rain and the cold;

There are the hardenbergias which have been twining their way about the roses. Their other name, Happy Wanderer, suits them well. I have a violet coloured one about to flower;

and a white variety as well;

There are pretty wee grevilleas, and a red eremophila, both only 8 inches tall;

And it's not all about the flowers. How gorgeous are these shining magenta Lilly Pilly fruits?

And lastly, not a native, and he's only small, but isn't there someone who always has to be LOUD? Red red red snapdragons, faces wet with dew, 'Hello Winter! Bring it on! You can't beat me!'

Stay warm, folks x


HAZEL said...

This is a blooming lovely post. thanks for joining in.

The Sage Butterfly said...

Lovely flowers! I do love the violets, but they spread and take over in my garden. I am constantly thinning them out.