Friday, June 3, 2011

No surrender!

In April I planted garlic in both my veggie garden, and in MIL's, and it was quickly swamped with my 'love to hate' weeds: soursobs, and back then I wondered how many times I would have to weed out this crowding green fiend. Today makes weeding #2, and you're about to see why.
These plants are something else, they really are. These shots are from MIL's garden.
Somewhere in this mass is garlic:

Here's the whole bed from a distance. There's also coriander and capsicums tucked away in the background.

The coriander has managed to rise above the soursobs (it's actually trying to bolt but it's too cold), it's doing fabulously; so lush! We need to make lots of luscious SEAsian food to use it up.

The rainbow chard in the next patch over also needs some attention.

This morning there was a gap in the clouds so I was able to clear the garlic section of the bed. When I say 'clear,' I mean 'rip out random handfuls of weeds, leaving lots of roots and bulbs in the ground ready for round 3 in a few weeks.' Then it started to rain so this was as far as I got.But I will not give in! I refuse to surrender to the green hordes!

But, weeds aside, I did something positive in the garden too. I collected a whole heap of dried Nigella pods (and a couple of green ones for luck). Nigella, or Love-in-the-Mist, is one of my cottage garden favourites. I've looked high and low, but couldn't find either seedlings or seeds in any stores, so I have to do it properly (ie not cheat and buy it in a packet!).

I crushed up all the pods and took most of the big bits out of the bowl, and was left with at least a table spoon of seeds, masses for 1 minute of pod collection, and 30 seconds of crushing! I think I'm going to sprinkle it in my rose garden and down the fence line and let it go nuts. It self-seeds readily (or at least it does here at MIL's) so I'm hopeful of a lifetime of those soft and frothy blue and green flowers.

PS. I have some exciting news relating to plants and gardening, but I have to be a bit Secret Squirrel about it for a little while yet (but as it's Australian plant related, perhaps it should be Secret Bilby instead?) Stay tuned :)


The Sage Butterfly said...

Oh...I can't wait to see how the nigella does. Good luck!

Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Good Luck with the weeding. If the coriander start to bolt quickly prune the bolting stalk to prevent it from bolting.

Missy said...

I'm thankful we don't have soursobs in Qld - lots of other weeds instead, but not that one - what a pain. It must be a never-ending battle.