Sunday, June 12, 2011

A package full of promise

On Friday I got something lovely in the mail: 10 'Kamu' bare-rooted strawberries.

I did the right thing and took them straight out of their plastic packaging and popped them in a glass of water to wait until I could plant them (actually, you're supposed to put them in the fridge, but it's so cold here I think the kitchen windowsill is good enough, especially overnight).

Today I was able to plant them, I'm sure they've been unfurling their leaves already. I have to say that these mail-order (internet-mail-order) strawberries have a far superior and stronger looking root system than the poor dears I bought in packets from a hardware store last year.

I had to scrounge around to find enough pots. The actual strawberry pot is on indefinite loan to me from MIL (nice new pots are expensive, have you noticed?!); I evicted some shabby parsley from it to make way for it's new inhabitants. The other pots I unearthed from the shed. They might prove to be a little too small, but I figured better to get them planted up ASAP and if they outgrow their flats I'll upgrade them to the penthouse suite later.
(For my own record purposes, they are planted in a mix of new premium potting mix, old used potting mix, compost from a bag, and a big sprinkling of dynamic lifter pellets)

Here they are settling in to their new homes, hanging out of the windows and enjoying the fresh air.

This one, in the maroon pot, has suffered a small toddler-related incident already, not irreparably, thankfully!

[Last night, very late, I was left to my own devices on the internet, unsupervised, looking at plant sites, my credit card muttering to me in distress from across the room. I caved: I have also ordered 10 Cambridge Rival and 10 Aroma strawberries, and I might have ordered a fig tree or two as well... Can't have too many fruit plants about the place, I figure.]

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Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Fantastic! I ordered a few from diggers as well, they arrived last week too :) It's so exciting! Can't wait for spring/summer.