Sunday, January 23, 2011

Want to see our house?

So, yesterday we had a mammoth 'renovation' meeting with FIL. It took a whopping five hours! I think everybody had brain drain by the end of it. Whilst the garden is my personal priority, the rest of the house is everybody else's (which is probably the normal state of affairs). Over autumn, most likely, we will be putting on a house extension at the back, plus paving etc etc. This inspired me to look up our place on various sites that show satellite pictures (Google and Nearmap). So interesting to see how our little house has evolved so far, and will be good to see how it progresses as well.
This was the oldest image I could find and it is undated. I would guess that it's at least 5 years old, but probably less than 10 years old. Look at the front garden: no roses! (Rather ironically, I am considering rearranging the roses to something a little more cohesive across the front yard).

By October 2009, the roses have been planted.

This shot is from immediately before we bought the house at the end of March, 2010, just one day I think, or perhaps we'd already put in our offer? Bit of an exhausting time; our new baby was only one month old! I remember thinking that I must not fall in love with the house, I would only be disappointed when we didn't get it. Ha!

August, 2010, the end of Winter. How boring and miserable does the garden look? (Although, granted, quite green).

Spring is here! Sept 2010. The garden begins to show it's face as the Philotheca bursts into bloom in the front yard.

November 2010: The roses. My God, the roses. My little apricot has also appeared in the middle of the backyard.

And the most recent is from December, 2010. It might be the very last shot before the renovations begin.

Onwards and upwards!

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