Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Deluge. 2011.

It's all over the news. You cannot have missed it. A large proportion of Queensland - and now northern NSW too - is underwater, is flooding, has been inundated and is being swept out to sea in torrent of brown and rushing muck.
Meanwhile, here I sit in South Australia, glued to the TV with my heart in my mouth and a queasy feeling in my stomach. What can I do? Nothing. Nothing at all. If there was ever a time when Mother Nature asserts her Independence over us, then this is it. Tonight the sun went down, and tomorrow it will come back up again.
I look upon my sleeping child, brush her blond hair from her damp brow, and thank my lucky stars that it was not us up there in that rain, or spending the night in an evacuation centre wondering what has become of our house.
Stay safe and dry everyone. Houses are only houses, they are not worth lives.

(Photo courtesy of the ABC website and taken by Benjamin Nichols "Debris floats down flooded Brisbane River next to Toowong park on January 13, 2010.")

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