Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A day off.

Such a nice day today.
A couple of fun things arrived in the post. Very excited to try to grow my round Thai Green Eggplants! I think it's probably a bit late to sow them now, but I'll try anyway with a few seeds and save some for next Spring. Now, if anyone happens to spot seeds of the teeny, tiny, pea-sized bitter Thai eggplants anywhere, please let me know! Very hard to get, I'm told.

I pulled something interesting out of the garden: a very small heirloom purple carrot. It's not much, but considering 80% of the carrot seedlings got eaten the second they poked their noses out of the soil, I'm pretty happy. This one was grown in a pot, nothing was left in the garden beds at all.

D got to work on his long, long...long awaited fish tank (there is a miserable back-story to this involving a five month wait for a glass box, and culminating in my normally mild-mannered boy having some harsh words with the supplier before it finally arrived at our house two weeks ago).

I took coffee into him, short for him and long for me, while he pottered about in the shed.

And my FIL delivered me a load of compost (no more expensive individual bags for the time being), and a couple of bales of peastraw for the new garden beds I am working on. We discussed the Garden Grand Plan, which we'll hopefully be starting before the end of the month. More on that next time.

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