Sunday, January 9, 2011

Oh no!

Last night it was very windy, very windy indeed. The first thing that greeted me out of the backdoor this morning was the sight of the clothes horse, sideways and askew on the patio with our clothing squashed underneath it with a few stray socks around the periphery. As I picked them up, I noticed something was off in the vegetable garden.

A few steps in that direction and it was all too clear what had happened. My garden-gate trellis which is so heavy that I couldn't move it on my own, had blown over in the night.

The yellow zucchini bore the brunt of it.

The fancier capsicums might recover, but the beans snapped off completely will not. The squash, with it's first flowers, might be OK or it might not.

I suppose I should be grateful it was the gate on the right that fell, and not the left, because I'm certain the corn would never have survived an iron onslaught.
I propped the gate back up, and have tied it to the fence. Yes, I know, should have done that before! I thought it couldn't have fallen over on it's own, that it was too heavy, too stable. I was wrong and now I have a 2m square crushed section of vegetable garden to remind me to never assume anything.


Mammamusing said...

Oh rats!

I've planted zucchini and nothing is happening. I was expecting to be inundated with zucchinis and it hasn't turned out to be the case.

I thought they were meant to be fool proof to grow?

Here in Melb my vegie patch is suffering from a lack of sun. It has been the coldest summer.

Lovely blog btw. Glad to have discovered it :)


Simone said...

oh what a good idea to grow zucchini. oliver is enjoying growing things. will add this to the lisr

allison tait said...

I have a garden gate trellis arrangement as well - and the exact same thing happened to me in January. Over it went, squashing the entire garden in its efforts. It is now tied securely under a rambling rose.

thanks for Rewinding at the Fibro.