Friday, January 28, 2011

What we are eating (2)

So it seems all I had to do was post pictures of unripe tomatoes and they would become ripe!
We've picked delicious Wild Sweeties (the ultimate bite-sized snack for SP), tart Tigerellas, and sweet Black Russians.

Tigerella left, Black Russians right, Wild Sweeties much too small to bother cutting in half and eaten too quickly for extra photos anyway. All three are a goer for next year.

We are up to our eyeballs in zucchinis and have begun passing them on to other people when possible.

Every few days now we're also picking butter beans, squash, fancy capsicums (the little brown 'chocolate' capsicums are cute and nice, but perhaps a little too finicky to bother with next year, bit of a pain to deseed for eating.)

Overall, the vegie garden is looking quite lush, but, of course, is using masses of water despite my best efforts at trekking all the rinse water from the washing machine up to it (and 'effort' is the appropriate word here. Never let it be said that gardening is easy work). I am very much looking forward to getting in a water tank soon, and I have capitulated and agreed to get a plastic one even though they're quite ugly compared with a traditional colorbond tank (plastic means we can get a bigger one and it can be dug partially into the ground, something you can't do with a traditional tank).

The next few days are predicted to be 39 degrees, 42, then 41. We will be languishing inside in the air conditioning and only venturing out in the morning and evening to keep things alive as best we can.

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