Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Pile.

Time for a renovation update! A story in pictures tonight... lots and lots of pictures!
Over the last week, FIL has been busy building the formwork for the concrete footings. Our extension is not going to be built on a slab, but on 'bearers and joists' to match the older part of the house. This means that our formwork is in a big hollow rectangular shape up against the house.

So we arrived this morning and took our 'before' shots while we waited for the truck to arrive. 

Apparently, the truck was driven by a pirate. 

 FIL loaded up the bobcat scoop with the concrete and tipped it into the wheelbarrows.


And in went the first barrow load.

We had a bit of an issue with the formwork bowing...

So we frantically shored it up.

Even the pirate helped.


We used barrows and bobcats around the sides the truck couldn't access, 
and got our pirate to tip the concrete into the formwork directly on the driveway side.

A neighbour wandered in to see what all the noise was about

before high-tailing it over the fence (or, at least, he would have high-tailed if he had a tail to high...)

Then we decided not to take up any more of Cap'n Boral's time and unloaded the remaining concrete onto the driveway, thereby making a giant cow pat.

We smoothed it off; leaves drifted from the ash tree into our neat foundations.

While we cleaned up it began to rain. 

SP arrived to sign off on the job.

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