Monday, April 18, 2011

Successes and failures

Remember how I mentioned our corn harvest about a week ago? We ate them last night, and they were delicious. Some were perfect and almost supermarket worthy...

And some were decidedly not! Next year I will shake those stalks more assiduously.


And out in the garden? The garlic has sprouted! I can hardly wait until we can harvest these babies (patience, Grasshopper, patience). Not much is more exciting than green shoots!

And the peas-straw peas which sprouted and I let run riot have the prettiest pink, purple, lavender and mauve flowers. Some of them have set peas already, too. Does anyone know if we can eat them? I'm thinking we could, but the question is: are they delicious?


HAZEL said...

I have never heard of, or thought of, shaking the corn. Thanks for the tip. Next season I will be doing the shake in the veggie patch.

Skye said...

Oh I like those little mutant cobs, they're sort of poignantly cute!