Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Walking for inspiration

I'm a nosey sort of person. When SP and I go out walking, I am forever peering over people's fences, sticky-beaking in their yards (and occasionally pinching ripe figs when their tree overhangs the fence). I'm looking for inspiration. I'm seeing what works well in gardens, and what doesn't. I love seeing established gardens, and gardens that look a little abandoned or overrun. It will be a long time before my young garden looks anything like established. 
Recently we have seen:
A house I love, sunk into a nearby gully. Maybe it's not a house, perhaps it's just a shed, but I like it's rust-streaked roof and the scurrying blackberries alongside it. It looks forgotten;

An uplifting pop of bright orange berries against lime green leaves;

Some fascinating fungi;

And a mysterious pathway leading to a ramshackle gate. What secrets lie beyond?

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Malay-Kadazan girl said...

I am curious too when I see someone backyard and wish I can see more and how they grow things. We are hosting "Companion Week" where all gardeners can share what plants work well together.You are very welcome to join us.