Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let there be light!

I was all set to write up this week's Winter Wednesday post, and then I realised it was, in fact, Tuesday, so I shall save some of my ideas lest I peak too soon! Probably just as well, I went through the photos I took today and there were 88 to chose from out of the garden alone, so this means that you won't have to suffer through so many of them.

I searched and searched to find an original photo of our backyard. I was sure there was one somewhere, and then finally I came across this one which happens to have been taken almost exactly a year ago. Look how tiny our little girl was! Behind, looming overhead at the right is just a fraction of the pine tree, which I named the Robber King.

The best photos are probably on my boy's camera, which is back at our house, so I have borrowed the following photos from Jungle Bros Treescapes's Facebook page, as they took a pretty good series of photos as they took down the Robber King. That pine tree was the biggest one they've ever had to remove, so they were keen for the publicity for their website.

Here's the tree still in one piece as the tree removal guys arrive on Doomsday (shot taken from our neighbour's driveway.)

Limbs beginning to thin (notice the small tree lopper near the top).

Looking distinctly different now. First shot taken from our neighbour's yard looking down towards our yard, that's our red roof in the background, second from the driveway looking back in the other direction. Play 'Spot the Tree Loppers,' it's like Where's Wally.

Robber King looking quite sheepish at this point.

Top lopped off completely now.

It's crunch time. Sorry, old man, it's time to go and begin a new life as pine mulch in dozens of other gardens.

The long-awaited after-shot. Our yard is going to love all the extra light and water it will get now (back to my own photos now)

Our view to be looking from the inside of our extension, through our new big sliding doors, out to the building site I like to call my garden.

And last but never least, my boy and my girl, one year on from the original photo:


15 days to Spring!

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