Sunday, August 14, 2011

Welcome home

'Welcome home.' Some plants seem to say that, like these little 'Tete a Tete' miniature daffodils I planted in Autumn by the front gate.

And these, beaming away from the other side of the yard, 'hello!' (and glimpsed behind, top left, late-Winter's obligatory hot-pink camellias.)

Those daffodils are planted underneath what was the only tree in the front garden (until I got our there with my shovel), a lovely thorny ornamental plum which has just burst into flower. Light flowers and dark stems: beautiful!

Last year this tree gave us half a dozen delicious cherry-sized and coloured fruit in Summer. If we're lucky she may treat us to the same again this year.

Now, this photo doesn't look like much... yet. It's a progress shot of my front garden, because there's quite a lot going on, quietly, softly, underneath the surface and building in the stems.

Out there by the path is the carmine flash of my new Lechenaultia formosa 'Scarlett O'Hara. Can you spot it? Three pavers from the top? Maybe if you zoom in...

There's purple asparagus, tentatively poking it's nose through the soil, so tiny and slender to begin with. I had a hunch that the frothy fronds of asparagus would look good against the roses, which is why I have three different varieties planted out there now.

Speaking of roses, barely had I finished pruning them than they are gathering steam, ready to go in Spring (17 days to go!)

And just because I like this photo, here's my Hardenbergia violacea 'Happy Wanderer,' the confused ground cover that aspires to be a shrub!

Most things in my front garden are a bit shabby right now, a bit scruffy, it's been a long Winter after all, but you can tell everything out there is just waiting to go, to burst into flowers and fruitfulness and foliage, just as soon as it gets just a wee bit warmer and a lot more mild.


Malay-Kadazan girl said...

Looks like spring has already started at your place.

The Sage Butterfly said...

Spring is always such a joy...yours is coming along with lovely blooms and bursting plants.

Mrs Bok - The Bok Flock said...

Oooooooo I love the sound of the asparagus!!
Love how cheerful and welcoming daffodils are.

Chookie said...

I'm looking forward to seeing how it all develops!