Wednesday, August 24, 2011

It wasn't me... (Winter wednesday #13)

...who used the bread knife to cut up a block of peat and then used a Tupperware jug to prepare the peat. Ahem.
OK, I lie. I'm not sure it's what kitchenware companies have in mind when they design their goods, but it works quite well on a block of compacted peat, the old bread knife.

You may have noticed that I have been propagating seeds like a madwoman lately. They're doing quite well overall, aside from a few toddler related 'incidents' (SP has long arms!) I've moved them outside to the picnic table which gets more sunlight.

I like the way the lids are secretive about what's inside underneath the condensation.

This is why I moved them: That's bok choy on the left, which shot up like crazy and I'm sure it's not supposed to be that tall and leggy! Even though it was bright inside its' not the same as sunlight, so I think this is why that happened and I have planted more since. On the right is roselle, which looks good, if a little bit anemic.

The hollyhocks sprouted very quickly too, and overall are looking pretty good... except for that random too-tall one on the left.

I'm also trying these out in my quest to grow kangaroo paws (Anigozanthus sp) from seed (so far, entirely unsuccessful, they sprout and die, without fail!). They're called 'Seedsticks' and are a promotional product which was passed on to me from my mother, I think, several years ago. I found them the other day and am giving them a shot, but because they're quite old now I don't know how well they'll work.

I've also filled up a few Styrofoam boxes with a mix of peat, compost, and manure, and have sown carrots and daikon in them. D snaffled the boxes for me from his work. Who's Ben, you ask? He's their fruit and veg wholesaler. I could fill my entire yard with these boxes if I wanted to; they only get thrown out otherwise.

Hum, hum, hum, what else? Oh yes, potato bags are filled with a peat/compost/manure mix too, and some old pea straw. And potatoes of course: two per bag. Keeping them company are my little figs and the pomegranate, which are all putting out their very first Spring leaves. Nawww!

And finally, the shape of things to come, drawn very shabbily with fluro pink marking paint. I'm not entirely sure what I was trying to focus on when I took the photo. Apparently nothing! But, poor photography skills aside, I am starting to see how things might look one day: a big, rounded garden bed with wide stairs up to it, and leading back to where I am standing is a low tier, the future home of my plum trees. No idea what I'm talking about? Have a look here: The Grand Plan (already altered, mind you, I need to update it!)

So that's Winter Wednesday for this week, and the second to last of the series: fun with paint, peat, poo, paws, and propagating. Spring is in the air and I am loving it! Pop over to Hazel's to see what else is going on.


Andrea said...

Many a feast will be had at your home if all that poo,propagating and potatoes preform positively!!!
Happy Gardening!

lizpye said...

I consulted my mother (she propagates natives to sell at markets) about your Kangaroo paws and she was very impressed you were getting them to germinate. Her theory on the germination then dying was that the growing meium was holding too much water and they were rotting. She recommended potting mix with perlite through it as it allows more water to drain through it. Hope this lot have been successful

Chookie said...

Looking good there! Mus do some more sowing myself, but time keeps getting away from me.

Amela Jones said...

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