Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hooray, it's hot.

Woo, it's 40c outside. Tomorrow afternoon is SIL's wedding and it's predicted to be 41c. Erg. Still, we won't be outdoors for long, then to the reception which will be delicious and cool(er).
Tonight is my last shift at work for over a month, it's a strange feeling, I would have liked to hang around for a few drinks with everyone afterwards but instead I'll be leaving early: A 9am hair appointment (got to be girly tomorrow) and a long, hot day ahead means no farewell drinks for me! it's a little weird realising that almost my entire social life is conducted with my work mates but that's hospitality for you
My bag is only half packed, I haven't yet been to the pharmacy or the bank, the house is a shambles and I'm not sure when I will be cleaning it up. I suppose I could be doing it now but it's too hot and it takes all the fun out of that last minute panic!
I'd like a cold drink but there's nothing in the fridge but milk as we haven't been shopping in ages (don't want an excess of food while we're not here).

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