Monday, November 3, 2008

Trying to get into the spirit of things

Have been reminded today that Christmas Day is a mere seven weeks away! Like I needed reminding. My yearly quest to 'get into the spirit of Christmas' began today with a trip to a certain dastardly craft shop which never seems to have quite what I want. Nevertheless, I came away with a selection of bits and bobs in whites, golds and reds and I am going to attempt to get creative and make some tree-angels to put on . Even though I call myself emphatically 'not christian', I appreciate that the big day is important to nearly everyone I know, in particular, D's family and mine, and I have had a hard time in the past but I'm doing my best to get past all this and just have a nice day celebrating families. Somewhat hard when I'm expected to be at work for almost the entire day, nevermind! Moving on!
So, stay tuned, off to start attempt number one!

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