Thursday, May 28, 2009

Painting love in

So, it seems to have been absolutely ages since I last posted, I am such a slacker! But, the thesis is in, the dreaded viva was had the other day and I am free as a bird now :)

I started art classes the day after my thesis was in. Time for a new phase in this life,:a creative one. I've started a painting as part of one of the classes, in acrylic. I've never painted in acrylic before and I struggle a bit with the blending and fast drying time, but I think I'm slowly getting a handle on it. The painting is based on a girl I photographed in Laos on our first long trip away in 2002. She was the only girl in a big group of boys, crazy loud kids who lived in the dust, smoke, and noise of the Pakse bus station. She was not lively and loud, however, she was still and quiet and she had a big, stuffed toy bear. Her flip-flops are too big. Where on earth does a child like that get a soft toy? In the shot below she is looking directly into the camera. She seems to be asking me, 'what are you going to do about kids like me?' Well, paint them, for a start! At least I hope so, I do have a good feeling about this picture.

I've only done a bit of a base but it's coming along OK. I've put a pic of that below too. You can see where I'm going with it...

Ages ago, my mother-in-law bought the most beautiful etching by a Northern Territory artist, Winsome Jobling (see left). It's entitled 'Spear Grass'. Unfortunantly it was already framed and the glass broke in the cargo hold on the way back, but it's up on the wall now for all to enjoy as you do the ironing underneath it!
Intrigued by the brochure that came with the artwork, I've looked up the gallery on the net and found a little goldmine of gorgeous artworks. I've tried to limit myself to just putting up a few, or I'll be here all afternoon, I got a little carried away anyway, but please check out the gallery link and see what else is being created up there in that amazing hot wet dry dusty fecund area:

The gallery is 'Nomad Art' and is located in Darwin:

Next up, 'Kinyu', an etching by Eubena Nampitjin.

'Green Ant Nest', an etching by Fiona Hall.

'Rulyapa', a lino cut by Dhuwarrwarr Marika.

'Fog Dreaming', an etching by Marita Sambono.

'Syaw', an etching by Regina Pilawuk Wilson.

The Stand Off', hand coloured screen print by Dion Beasley.

'Gapu I', an etching by Thomas Ashley

and lastly, 'Spear Grass', a photograph by Peter Eve.

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