Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Beef Strogonoff: Katie Style

We ate at SIL's last night, she made Beef Strogonoff in her slow cooker and it was delicious. I felt inspired to attempt to replicate it this evening. I went to the supermarket on the way home, SP bundled into her sling on my front. I bought beef specifically for cassaroles, and sour cream, and detoured past the magazines and cookbooks and might have accidently bought the Australian Women's Weekly Macaroon and Biscuit Cookbook (click), attracted like a magpie to the pastel coloured macaroons on the cover. Also bought organic rice cereal for SP, only a month to go until we can try solids out! Say it ain't so!

When I got home I looked up the recipe for Beef Strogonoff on Masterchef (am completely hooked, Adam to win!), wrote it down and then went and compared the ingredient list to what I actually had available.

On the left in blue are the ingredients, on the right in black is thought process.

2 tbs sweet paprika (don't have any, doesn't matter, must visit Indian Grocer to get some)
100g flour (have it)
500g piece beef eye fillet (from the tail end), sliced into strips (erm... or just plain old cassarole beef)
¼ cup olive oil (don't have any, will use sunflower)
40g butter, plus extra to serve (have it)
200g Swiss brown mushrooms, thinly sliced (don't have any, nor do I like mushrooms, use capsicum, much the same, right?)
3 eschalots, finely diced (or onions maybe)
2 tbs tomato paste (oh. No tomato paste. Can of tomatoes blitzed with stick-mixer will have to do)
½ cup brandy (is there brandy in strog? Who knew! Replace with cheap white wine)
1 cup beef stock (have it! Hallejujah! But it's frozen, attempt to hack off half with knife. Big fail, too hard. Put into a pot with boiling water to defrost)
2 tbs Worcestershire sauce (have it!)
1 cup crème fraiche (I thought strog was made with sour cream, guess not!)
2 tbs extra virgin oil, to serve (as ^^)
baby parsley, to garnish (have, but not trekking out into the garden in the cold and drizzling rain to get it)

Then the beef stewed rather than seared, and stuck to the bottom of the pan, and I spilt water all over most of the bench, and the onions seemed exceptionally oniony, and SP didn't want to be left to watch Masterchef on her own, so, basically, nothing like stroganoff at all but quite nice overall. And I ate it with baby peas and rye toast.

For the real recipe click here. I intend to try it sometime!

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