Wednesday, November 23, 2011

We're back and gardening!

Actually, we've been back for almost a week and yet seem to have spent very little time at home relaxing. I haven't even managed to sort out any photos yet, must get onto that...
Chef D and I both had a few more days each off from work and we've spent that time constructively (and constructing) in the backyard which was totally overrun by weedy grasses while we were away.

Our house, which we'd hoped to be back in by the end of the year, is nowhere near ready. This is no surprise but still disappointing. We have been consoling ourselves by attempting to build a house for our future chickens. However, SP is going through an especially clingy patch with both of us and progress was predictably slow, and so although we would have liked to have finished the coop by now that's not yet ready either. Nevermind, the chickens will not be moving in until we have, so there is plenty of time left to complete it.

Now I'm off while SP is napping to try and sort out some pictures for the promised travel photo posts.

PS. I love Jackie French and have been reading this book as part of my chicken-research. I'm in no way affiliated with her, but since I think she's pretty cool - as are her books - I thought I'd pop up a picture :-)

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Hazel said...

I am not affiliated in any way with her but I think Jackie French ROCKS! Welcome home.