Thursday, February 23, 2012

Friday on my mind

I haven't been out and about in the blogging world lately. I've been working more than I am used to, which means yay for money, but boo for blogging. I don't know how full-timers do it, I really don't, I'm only working a couple of days a week and between that and kinder-gym and play dates and grocery shopping and never ending renovations I feel completely swamped. Anyway.

Tomorrow is our babe's second birthday! Ever since her cousin's birthday about 5 weeks ago she has been obsessed with birthday cakes, and "'appy birdy cake' in particular, and the singing, and the blowing of the candles (the 'camels,' hehehe!) and so on, so we are going to have a little festival of SP, and of cake (two cakes, in fact, one tomorrow which is baking right now, and one on Saturday at her party), with added balloons and bubbles. Should be fun! I have been slack on the photography front lately, so instead of sharing any of my own pictures here are some of the images I have been saving on Pinterest to give me ideas for our little girl's big day.

I'm going to start blowing up balloons as soon as this post is up so that we can do this in the doorway for the morning:

And yet more balloons will be strung out on the patio like this:

And her cake - at least the party cake - will be an extravaganza of sprinkles:

And of food colouring:

And be based on a little bird:

Source: via Katie on Pinterest

Anyway, it's late and I must get puffing on those balloons, but isn't it a parental tradition to be doing birthday prep at midnight?

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