Monday, June 11, 2012

Got a cold?

Horseradish is supposed to be good for that! And I can believe it too: today I pulled a whole heap of it out of my garden (I foolishly planted it in the ground as a gardening newbie, not realising it was invasive, oops! Time will tell if I got it all or not) and even out there in the chill air I could smell the scent from the roots wafting up around me.
These strange alien-like plants are waiting in the sink for me to attempt to process them, but I think I'll wait into SP is in bed as at least one of the web pages I've read re: horseradish processing compares it to chemical warfare!


Liz - Suburban Tomato said...

I thought I got all mine last year (I also planted it in the ground) but had heads of it emerge this year. I did find it easy to spot and weed out though - having said that it is still appearing periodically. This year I grew mine in pots and the roots still escaped.

hearts_in_asia said...

Eek! I'll bear that in mind because I have put one of the leftover bits in a styrofoam box! Having just spent half of yesterday pulling mint out of the garden I'm not keen to have to do it all over again with anything else!