Saturday, August 31, 2013


I love getting plants in the mail, and it's even better when we've been away for a week and they are waiting on the doorstep! (Don't worry, they'd have arrived that day or possibly the day before, and hadn't been languishing by the doormat the entire time.) 

It's a mixed box of goodies this time. I have half a dozen different tomatoes, a couple of varieties of capsicum, two cranberry plants, a 'black raspberry' I couldn't resist getting (having never seen or heard of them before), a white strawberry, and hopefully best of all: a wasabi variety called 'Daruma,' which is supposed to be a bit more tolerant of warmer weather. The wasabi plant is the one at the top left with the gloriously large heart-shaped leaves. 

We were greeted on our return home by the most amazing spring-like weather: 26c today, with a gentle breeze and fluffy clouds in the sky... Not bad for the last day of winter, hey!? I spent the day ignoring the holiday washing and pottering about in the garden, pulling out weeds and cute baby beets. I suck a bit at growing beetroots, in my opinion, but I still go into raptures over those amazing crimson stems.


Happy Spring! 


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