Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Meet Morry

Perhaps I need to rename my blog to 'Gardener on a Budget,' or 'The Bargain Hunter,' or maybe just 'The Cheapskate.'

Today I picked up a lovely little grafted mulberry (Morus alba 'Pendula') for the bargain basement price of $99, down from $150. It's grafted at about 160cm or so (about 5') I think, so it's also much cheaper than the $225-295 price I was staring down the barrel at for a taller grafted standard (180cm, or 6') that I was considering for my green-cubby. 

Of course, today I was 'just looking' in the nursery and hadn't planned on getting anything, but this tree was calling my name ('Katie, Katie, buy me, buy me! Look how straight I am, and look how wide I am at the top compared to the others, and I'm on sale...') so my quick browse became a shop of 1 x tree, 1 x bag cow manure, 1 x bucket Seamungus, 8 x long stakes (two to keep my tree straight, and six to use to form a guiding boundary for the cubby). Yep, a bargain ;) 

I think I'll call him 'Morry.' 

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