Monday, July 28, 2014


I've accidentally deleted the last post, a case of slipped finger on an iPad screen, and no second chances. Never mind, it wasn't a good photo in any case. I had a browse through some old posts, I really MUST start uploading some real photos again. I've been window-shopping for camera lenses too, and with my tax return weighing down my back pocket, I may have even found one to buy to replace the one pulled off the table by my orangutang-armed baby boy (expensive mistake on my part).

Meanwhile, here are two phone-camera pictures of our very first blood orange! I was worried the fruit would be sub-par; such a small tree, and in its first year in the ground I really shouldn't have let it develop, but I couldn't bear to pluck it off. It was worth it. It was perfect.

PS Next week we four are heading off to Japan for a holiday. Can't wait!

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