Wednesday, November 5, 2014

It's yellow!

More Clearance Rack plants doing well, this time it's my $2 mystery rose standards. Both have bushed out and have flower buds, and one has opened to reveal itself to be a lovely yellow. I'm so pleased! I was hoping for a yellow. The rose is still nameless, but will be something pretty common I expect (being from a giant hardware retailer). 

Now, just holding my breath while I wait for the other plant to open it's buds too, though will be another week or so before that happens, I think. 

(Other pot plants here, for those playing at home, are more practical than pretty: 'Fairytale' eggplant, my first try at cucamelons/mouse melons/ mexican sour gherkins, a very sad dragon fruit (not a plant for Adelaide conditions) and blueberry 'Vitality,' which is doing well and had green fruit, which my toddler keeps picking and eating.)

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