Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Growing lotus from seed.

Some time back I bought four lotus seeds from EBay with the intention of growing them into plants (or trying to, anyway). I finally got around to trying this out about a week ago. Following some online instructions, I filed a hole through the seed coat of each seed with sandpaper: these buggers are really hard! Then they were popped into a yogurt container with lukewarm water (filtered water, for what it's worth) and left them on a sunny windowsill, changing the water each day. Overnight the seeds swell up from sultana-sized, to grape sized. About three days later I was very excited to see the first green shoots peeking out. One seed, however, has not sprouted yet, and may not at all. 

I was astounded to see the shoots had grown a full inch taller by the end of the day! 

A day after this the shoots were poking out of the water, and it's time to repot them into fertilised soil and put them into the pond. It's pretty hot outside now, so the plants should love it. 


Mitchell Knapp said...

Oh my! I've never grown lotus before, but your post surely piqued my interest. I think the complexities in growing them is what makes them both challenging and interesting. I'm quite envious of the weather situation there, though. Anyway, thank you for sharing that! All the best to you!

Mitchell Knapp @ Scenic Landscaping

Katie M said...

Thank you, Mitchell. Stay tuned for a small update soon!